AffDynasty August Newsletter 🔥🔥🔥

1st August, 2022

AffDynasty News & Updates: Letter from the editor August Promotions New game: Hail Caesar New game promo Zelle & Crypto Double up promotion Support channels Letter from the editor We’re diving into what may be the hottest of the summer months for some of our affiliates and their players. Naturally, AffDynasty wants Paradise 8, Cocoa […]

Types Of Slots Being Played By New iGaming Generation

29th November, 2021

The online gambling industry is always shifting towards new technologies, gameplay and trends to meet the new generations of players’ needs and preferences. While many sites try to emulate real-life casinos with a variety of classic 3-reel slots and table games, while others focus on a range of modern 3D video slots with different themes […]

New Slot: Fairytale Fortunes Queen of Heart ❤️❤️

8th November, 2021

Good Day Everyone! We are proud to announce proud the launch of Fairytale Fortunes Queen of Heart, a 6-Reel Slot live from today November 8th 2021. MOBILE – INSTANT – DOWNLOAD Inspired by the classic Alice In Wonderland tale, FAIRY TALE FORTUNES – QUEEN OF HEARTS takes its players on a journey from a fantastic, fungi filled forest […]

The Advantages Of Playing With Bitcoin

11th October, 2021

Cryptocurrency is a revolutionary global phenomenon that allows online users from around the world to buy goods and services in a secure way. Many industries around the world are adopting this convenient option for exchanging real currency by using a technology called Blockchain. That is the case of online gambling, as Bitcoin provides bettors with […]

Latin America And Their Gambling Culture

10th September, 2021

When it comes to gambling, Latin America is one of the best places to go with a long-standing casino culture and much tradition around it. Customarily, its nature is slightly different to what you would see in gambling cities in North America and Asia, as it focused more on the social aspect of betting. Whether […]

Lucky Days To Play Big At The Casino

18th August, 2021

People have many superstitions to bring success their way whenever they are playing at the casino. They may use their lucky underwear, wear a lucky charm or engage in different rituals to help them win the jackpot. However, some of the most experienced gamblers take it to the next level by playing their bigger bets […]

Popular Countries and Games for August

12th August, 2021

We’ve preparaed a list of the countries where paying customers are coming from for this month. Take a look at them! United States United Kingdom Australia Canada New Zealand France Mexico Philippines Ireland Slovakia Czech Republic Sweden Belgium Indonesia Japan Russia Tunisia Mongolia Peru Slovenia Brunei Papua New Guinea Mauritius Georgia Paraguay Albania Puerto Rico […]

Gambling Superstitions Around The World

4th August, 2021

Gambling is a game that relies both on skill and fate, and for that reason cultures around the world have adapted different rituals that increase their luck – or perhaps they are just tricks to keep their mind at ease while betting. Let’s look at some of the most popular superstitions per country: Sitting or […]

25 Is The Lucky Number

29th June, 2021

Every avid online casino player has a number that they consider as lucky, whether it’s for deciding what number to aim for at the roulette, what card to play at blackjack or what bet amount to place at the slots. For AffDynasty casino members, that lucky number is 25 as it brings more ways of […]