Gold Bricks Slot

9th April, 2020

Luxurious Slot

Gold Bricks is a game that makes everything shine a little bit brighter. Even wins! While bettors can claim wins with several fruits and sevens, the big winning combos occur when players stack up the Wild Gold Bricks. These golden wins come out of the 3 reels and 3 paylines that help make this slot a great choice for all bettor types.

The main theme in Gold Bricks is the shiny gold element. And while this may be a simple and uncomplicated slot, without the popular Rival bonus features and games, Gold Bricks is a classic slot machine that certainly entertains players looking for a more traditional look and feel of the game and those who enjoy classic slot action.

Gold Bricks has been designed to be played from a desktop computer, Instant Play or from just about any mobile device, including your iPhone or Android device, without having to download any software whatsoever. Play it today with a 100% Welcome Bonus plus 555 Free Spins on top.

Symbols and Design

Gold Bricks uses a golden color scheme to bring out the main theme. The background images are a bright yellow, with a gradient that helps keep the design clean and sleek. The symbols present on the 3 reels include the classic BARS (in golden tones of course), Gold Bricks, Gold, Blue and Red 7’s, Plums, Slices of Watermelon and Cherries.

Special Features

The big wins when playing this  classy and elegant slot come from stacking up the Wild Gold Bricks. The rest of the fruit symbols also spin in substantial wins with the wild stacked brick filling the entire reel. Nevertheless, smaller payouts can be claimed by landing any three Bars or any three 7’s, regardless of color or type.

Landing 3 of the Wild Gold Bricks pays a hefty 1200 coins payout, while 2 of these will pay 800 coins and a single Wild pays out 400 coins. The 7’s symbols are the second high-paying icons in the game, and you’ll be playing with bronze, silver and gold 7’s that pay as much as 150 coins, or 50 times your line bet.


The expected return to players in Gold Bricks is a giant 94.51%. Claiming wins is a breeze when playing with available coin sizes that range from 0.01, 0.05, 0.10 and all the way up to 0.25 (configurable). Players can choose between 1 to 3 coins wagered per line and a default bet configuration of $0.25 coin × 3 coins per line × 3 lines, which translates to $2.25.

The default jackpot amount of Gold Bricks is calculated as follows: $0.25 × 3 coins × payout $300.00. The maximum jackpot that can be claimed is set at $5.00 × 3 coins  × payout $6,000.00.

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