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14th September, 2020

We at AffDynasty want to keep our affiliates up to date with the latest technology that we use at our casinos, which keeps our whole online game catalog running smoothly and available on different platforms. Thanks to the modern HTML5 technologies, members from our brands: Paradise 8, Cocoa Casino, Da Vinci’s Gold and This Is Vegas experience a superior gaming quality than those supported by Flash – which also Adobe will end support on December 31, 2020.

HTML5 is the latest evolution of the standard that defines HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), the regular markup language for media to be displayed on web browsers. With HTML5, a larger set of technologies that allows the creation of more diverse and powerful web applications is available, and gives game designers the opportunity to develop even better titles for our casinos in the future.

There are many improvements to HTML5 and it addresses several of the issues Flash had for its users. For mobile devices play, these technologies brought better effects and animations to games and allowed users to avoid the issue of the battery draining that Flash had on their devices. Apps also load faster, as HTML5 has an offline application cache that allows pages to load even when users are temporarily offline. It also supports both iOS and Android, giving AffDynasty’s brands a broader reach to their members like never before.

Our Unified Lobby and Unified Game Engine are all run on top of this widely supported technology, compatible with all major browsers used on common PC’s, laptops, tablets and smartphone platforms running Apple iOS, Apple Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Google Android, Linux, and others. HTML5 technology allows players to enjoy all their favorite titles and win real cash prizes from almost any device.

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The AffDynasty Team