Midas Touch Slot

23rd September, 2020

Turning spins into golden

Game description

In Greek mythology, Midas is the name of three members of the royal house of Phrygia and the most famous of them was King Midas. This ruler is popularly considered in Greek mythology for his talent to turn everything he touched into gold and this superpower came to be called the golden touch, or the Midas Touch.

Turning spins into golden wins is a reality when spinning the reels of the classic 3 reel and 1 payline slot Midas Touch. Play it from your desktop computer, Instant Play mode or your favorite mobile device while on the go and you’ll be claiming sparkling gold wins.

While Midas Touch is a simple and hassle-free slot game, there are tons of chances to create winning combinations and simply enjoy the thrill of playing a traditional slot machine, just like in the old Las Vegas days.

Symbols and Design

As expected when playing a slot machine based on turning things into gold, the design of Midas Touch is all about yellow golden colors and bright accents. When landing a win, you can expect cool 3D animations such as Midas himself raising his finger and showing off his famous touch.

The symbols on the reels include the Midas Touch wild icon that pays a whooping 2000 coins payout when landing 3 of these, 1000 coins when landing 2 Midas Touch symbols and 500 when 1 of these makes an appearance. Cherries, Plums, Lemons, Grapes, Watermelons, Oranges, Pears and a combination of these can also grant wins in Midas Touch.

Special Features

Midas Touch is a classic 3 reel slot with few surprises. However, that doesn’t mean that this slot game isn’t packed with fun times and high payouts. With the Midas Touch logo as it’s highest paying symbol, it means that this is the hardest icon to land. However, when you do land it you can collect up to 2000 coins in a single spin and what’s pretty golden about that is that it can translate to up to $10,000, or the equivalent in supported currencies.

The touch of King Midas will be solid gold every single time you hit the spin button with the anticipation of landing the huge jackpot prize or even smaller wins that can accumulate nicely as the spins go by.


The expected return to player in Midas Touch is a fantastic 94.67%, in other words, chances of claiming wins are spectacular and they occur easily with available coin sizes that range from 0.01, 0.05, 0.10 and all the way up to 0.25 (configurable).

Bettors can spin the reels with 1 to 3 coins wagered per line and a default bet configuration of $0.25 coin, 3 coins per line, 3 lines with a total default bet of $2.25. The default jackpot amount of Midas Touch is calculated as $0.25 × payout $500.00 and the maximum jackpot that can be won occurs when betting $5.00 × payout $10,000.00.