Chipy On AffDynasty

7th May, 2021

The folks at have been so nice to have written such a complete review of our revolutionary Spin Club offer available for Paradise 8, Cocoa Casino, This Is Vegas and Da Vinci’s Gold members. One of the main highlights of the article is how players can get a total of 1825 spins with just one deposit of $25, which can potentially pay out thousands in cash prizes. Another important aspect for players from around the world is that the promotion is not limited to jurisdiction, and can be redeemed with multiple currencies including GBP, Euros, New Zealand and Australian Dollars, Rand and Bitcoin.

Not only are newbies welcome to the Spin Club, because as noted by Chipy, existing members with at least one deposit during the last year are also entitled to claim their 5 daily spins and then enjoy the additional benefits of the club. These include extra free spins, special prizes, dedicated bonuses and much more. If they are lucky enough, bettors can cash out up to $50 per day which already doubles the original deposit that triggered the promotion. Furthermore, they can try their luck on more than one casino to multiply their fortunes!

Players from any of our AffDynasty sites will enjoy playing a different slot game with their free spins every month, which gives them the opportunity to try out some of the best titles available at the casino. Bettors are able to easily check what online slot is available for redeeming the 5 free spins at the cashier of any of our casinos.

Chipy’s article also mentions a very important aspect of this offer which will suit regular members: By making additional deposits into their accounts, players can increase their winning chances by resetting the promotion and getting 5 free spins for every single day. This means members can play with unlimited spins in the future.

Online casino fans will not find the opportunity to get up to $18,250 per year anywhere on the internet, especially with just one deposit of $25 needed. Moreover, if someone is looking for an exciting casino experience anywhere at any time they can also redeem the daily spins using their mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones!