AffDynasty Newsletter – November edition

10th November, 2021

AffDynasty News & Updates

  • Letter From Editor
  • Fairy Tale Fortunes: Queen of Hearts
  • November Special Promotions
  • Attract potential customers with new games
  • 5 Free Spins – Every Single Day
  • Xmas Preparation

Letter from Editor

As we prepare to close the year in a high note, there is still much that AffDynasty is offering to its affiliates and members alike, with new slots, special promotions and Christmas preparations that will keep our spirits warm and hopeful as winter approaches. Take a look at what steps we are taking to attract new players to our brands
Paradise 8, Cocoa Casino, This Is Vegas and Da Vinci’s Gold, including new games, conversion promotions and more.

For example, Alice in Wonderland fans will love winning cash prizes with Rival Gaming’s latest title ‘Fairy Tale Fortunes: Queen of Hearts’, a brand new 6-reel slot with 4,096 paylines that dramatically increases players’ chances to land a winning combination. If they take advantage of the amazing November special promotions and the famous 5 free spins offer, there will be tons of cash to redeem this month.

With all of these features, affiliates are surely going to experience an increase in their profit as the online traffic increases with AffDynasty’s new features as well as because of the upcoming holiday season. Make sure you are checking our news website to stay up to date with the latest installments on our sites!

Fairy Tale Fortunes: Queen of Hearts

Go down the rabbit hole to a world of illusions and big cash prizes with Rival Gaming’s new 6-reel slot ‘Fairy Tale Fortunes: Queen of Hearts’, inspired by Lewis Carrol’s classic novel Alice in Wonderland. The game includes famous characters such as the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, Absalom the Caterpillar, the Queens Card Guards the Cheshire Cat and the Queen of Hearts – all of which can be a part of a winning combination on the 4,096 possible paylines.

With a revolutionary gameplay, popular themes, numerous special features and a modern design, ‘Fairy Tale Fortunes: Queen of Hearts’ will attract new casino players from all over the world, ready to steal the Queen’s tarts and take the jackpot home! Additionally, the slot can be thoroughly enjoyed on all available platforms, including mobile and desktop versions.

November Special Promotions

As with every month, there are special promotions that keep players motivated to keep coming back for more free cash, free spins and extra fun as a new slot is selected to give players many cash rewards. This time there is a Spin Fever at every AffDynasty casino with 555 free spins on Saucify’s ‘Pistols & Roses’, as well as a 222% match bonus for those who love a rock n’ roll-inspired casino session where they can shoot to hit the bigger jackpots and take the money home!

Attract potential customers with new games

At the beginning of 2021, one of our main objectives was to increase our already-huge gaming catalog with more top-notch titles that would attract new members and increase the profits for our affiliates at the same time. Among our new additions this year are ‘Fairy Tale Fortunes – Queen of Hearts’, ‘Lucky Ox Jackpots’, ‘Blackjack Rolling Stacks’, ‘Witches of Salem’ and many others. 10 months later, we can safely say that we have exceeded our expectations, as we continue to add new titles even on the last few weeks of the year!

5 Free Spins – Every Single Day

AffDynasty’s active casino players continue to be eligible to play 1,825 spins for free with the 5 daily free spins promotion for the next 365 days after completing just one deposit at the cashier! There is a new featured game every month in which these free spins can be redeemed on – keeping it mixed for bettors so they can try out more titles in order to win real cash.

Each of the 5 daily free spins has a maximum cashout of $50, so players can potentially win up to $18,250 over the course of a year if they are dedicated enough to login every day and have fun at the slots and the rest of the casino games!

Xmas Preparation

We are preparing for the biggest holiday of the year as December approaches, with many offers and promotions for all of our loyal members who kept us company along the year and for the new ones to come! There are plenty of presents for our affiliates as well, who will benefit with our numerous offers at the site including monthly bonuses, Bitcoin promotions, 5 daily free spins, and Tuesday Happy Hour complimentary drinks. We also have one or two special Christmas surprises for our most dedicated players, so stay tuned for more information!

We want to hear from you. Please, drop us a line and let us know how we are doing and how we can improve.

Good Luck & Keep Safe!

The AffDynasty Team